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Educational Content to help your horses stand out in person
as well as behind the camera

+About Upper Edge Equine

Professional Video Production for Your Equine Business

Upper Edge Equine provides innovative and informative video content to help you showcase your horses in the best possible light. We have had great opportunity to learn from top industry experts, gaining valuable knowledge that has helped take our business to the next level. Now we are offering that information to you. Regardless of your discipline or goal, it is essential to prioritize the appearance and well-being of your equine partners and promote them in a professional manner. We will work with you to capture the true essence of your equine business and make your horses stand out!


With our video you will learn: tips of feet positioning & how it affects your horses' posture.

Off camera tricks to keep your horses attention.

Products to use to keep your horse looking great.


+Clients Love Us

"I loved working with Upper Edge. I thought the course was very informative and well worth the money. I didn't realize how much I was missing out on. Highly Recommend!"

Becky Miller

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